Hats and facinators

Just a quick introduction to H&M hats and facinators... These are from their 2009 winter collection and I'm loving it. Totally.

It's always so exiting to find something like this from big companies because that way we can get similar headpieces for every girl in our dance troupe. There's definitely a vintage inspired trend going on.


Foxy lady

Today I took a little tour to two of my favourite local thrift stores. I had a good feeling about this day and was sure I'd find something really nice. The day turned out to be better than good!

I found three really classy black felt fedoras (one for me, one for the man and one for a friend of mine who's been looking for one for ages) and then this amazing fox stole... When I laid my eyes on it I had to jump up and down. I could not believe my luck. The condition is great and it was sooo cheap! I wonder why it actually was still there. Maybe people think it's just too creepy to carry things like this around their neck... My happy face tells you how I feel. I guess we were just meant to be. ;)

I personally wouldn't buy new furs for several reasons, but I have nothing against vintage furs. If it's something that existed before I was born, it can wear it.

For me a fox stole is something very essential for a classy lady. I still remember the first time I wrapped my godmothers vintage (late 40's) fox stole on my shoulders (I must have been five at the time). It made me feel almost like a royal. I really hope she still has it... For that 30's/40's look a fox stole is a "must have" and now I finally have my own.


Look what I found!

Yes! It's 40's, it's pink and it's from Blue Velvet Vintage. Taffeta, no holes, no fading and the fabric should be in a good condition (but needs to be drycleaned).

I could not pass this one even thought I like to sew my own clothes... and do not actually prefer pink. First, it is my size (at least at the moment). One another thing is that this is a formal gown, and I’ve been looking for one for ages. And the details (like that peplum) are great: simple but effective. This dress appears to be girly and sweet (but not sweet enought to be sticky). Just a little something that I'll be able to live with.

For now, let's just hope that it arrives safe and sound to me...