Wild and swinging!

Oh my, the "dance season" started again last Sunday and this means I'm going to have no spare time until Christmas. I'll be instructing two classes this season with my partner, 50's rock'n'roll intermediate group on Sundays and collegiate shag for beginners on Mondays, and I'm also the "responsible adult" for a junior dance class with junior instructors. I'll also be taking classes in lindy hop, balboa, air steps, bugg (the Swedish swing dance), and possibly fusku (the Finnish swing dance, with some resemblance to disco swing)... IF I'll be able to fit it in my schedule.

I do look forward to the teaching part once again. ;) It's nice to chop things into digestible size for my students. And it's so great to see the happiness when people manage to do new things. :)

I have a passion for the collegiate, aka double shag at the moment. It just rocks! It's the easiest, most fun dance ever. I would love to go to the 2nd San Francisco Shag Jam next June... We shall see if I can manage the cash somehow... If you don't know the dance yet, check this out:

Collegiate Shag with Sailor Mike and Sylvia Skylar

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I was also fortunate to find this clip featuring triple shag done in a tap routine. I don't think I've actually never seen triple shag before, although I'm familiar with the expression.

Hal and Honey Abbott

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And if you should ever find the opportunity to try the dance, double or triple or even single, just do it. It just might be the thing for you too. ;)