Before and after

A little bit of makeup and a nice hairdo will work miracles... Here's an example:

These pictures were taken some weeks ago before the great Swing Cruise (24 hours of dance and fun). The first picture is supposed to be me all fresh and still a bit reddish after sauna with my rollers on (and with a skarf to protect them). The second picture was taken the following morning after some serious work was done. Sorry for the lack of lipstick... ;)

(Oh my, I just noticed that I'm not wearing any jewelry either, besides that missing lipstick. Shock and horror!)

It's amazing what a little makeup with some curls and bobby pins can do to a girls appearance... I usually don't bother that much with hairdo's, but perhaps I should start paying more attention to that area... It's not that I couldn't, just that I'm so lazy. ;)


Down with a cold

I'm not feeling right. Runny nose and sore throat, but no fever. Can't say I'm enjoying myself much at the moment. It could be just a punishment for having too much fun though. ;)

We just came back from Munich and Rock That Swing festival around 4 am on Tuesday. I spent four days there with "my partner in crime", Mr. A. It was three amazing nights of huge parties with bands like Ray Collins Hot-Club, Nine Pennies Big Band, Jive Romeros, Marty & His Rocking Comets and Swing Cat Club, just to name some, and three days of dance lessons (we took lindy hop and collegiate shag) with great teachers.

Ray Collins Hot-Club performing on Saturday night

I'm still dead tired (and now sick too). It was so hard to find the time to sleep because I didn't want to miss anything, so I was exhausted when I got back home. Just slept through the day until I had to get up and go teach collegiate shag. So yeah, I had a blast last weekend, but now I'm paying the price for it. ;)

Snow covered Munich


The Unwanted Dress

Two weeks ago I had to go through my things to find something to sell in a vintage/swing market we had during one dance event... I found some great things and made some flower clips to sell. The flowers were very popular, and I also sold some of my old clothes that I don't need anymore... but this dress came back home with me.

Yep, no one wanted to buy this even though many people told it looked beautiful and even tried it on... And the price was more than sensible too. It's very comfortable jersey dress, perfect for swing dancing, but there's a But... The bodice is short. Very short.

It's made combining two different patterns, both actually for children/teens. I originally made this for myself and made a little mistake during the process. Ok, it was a big mistake. I shortened the shoulder part without trying it on. Just because that's what I usually have to do to adjust a pattern for myself. I was in a hurry and not thinking. And then I had to add the satin ribbon there to keep it pulled under my bust.

So that's the shameful truth of a project gone wrong... It's even more shame because the fabric is so lovely. Maybe I could replace the upper front bodice with some other fabric and add some room for my bust? Maybe. Maybe not. I really hate mending and redoing my own projects.

I have only one final thing to say about this project: Despite what it looks like, I can sew. Really, I can. ;)


Cute but wrong size for me... and mostly blue

For the last two day's I've been searching for cute/classy/pretty (yet inexpensive) vintage dresses from 40's or early 50's on Ebay. I found some that I'm considering and already bought one, but there were also so many charming dresses that were wrong size for me. (Or blue, because that really is not a color I feel comfortable in. I have a big problem with blue. Blue makes me look like a... a...)

So, inspired by Cheri and her post (about vintage dresses for under $80) I decided to share some of my finds with you.

Look at the details! I love the embroidery on this dress. (The seller says that this dress was propably never worn.) It's almost my size, but not quite (and it's blue). Bust 36", waist 26", hip 50". Price at the moment is $29.99 with one bid only.

This dress is just super sweet... Just look at that slightly sheer white insert on the bodice and those appliqued hearts! *Sight* The Bust 38", waist 30", hips free. Zero bids so far and the starting price is $9.99.

How about this one? It's even pink! Price $34.99 right now with only one bid... Bust 40", waist 30", hips to 46".

Casual but smart dress for winter, anyome? Bust 48", waist 46" and hips 56"... if I got it right. There's zero bids and the starting price is just $18.

Just stunning! This dress has so many pretty details. I would love this one, but I refuse to even thinking about buying it for alteration. Price at $20.50 right now... Bust 38", waist 27.5", hips 38".

This dress is a sensible one and needs a little TLC. But I still find it very appealing... Price seems to be $20 at the moment and measurements are: 44" bust, 39" waist, 49" hip.

I would love this dress. Yes I would. I could just immagine myself lounging on a lazy morning wearing something like this... Starting price is $24. Bust 38", waist c. 32" and hips to 50".

This dress is one of my favourites... and I usually don't even like blue. Zero bids at the moment and the staring price is $9. (Oh, really!?) The seller says it's in excellent vintage condition. Bust 44", Waist: 38”, Hips: 48”.



Last week I had to go to Helsinki for two days. The trip was work-related and the days were long and exhausting. The bonus was that I got to stay one night in a nice hotel... :)

My room was small but comfortable and the breakfast was great. I love hotel breakfasts! The idea of so many different choices, fresh fruits, croissants... I love it. The best thing is that I can just walk in and it's all there, ready to enjoy.

Because I had a free night I arranged to meet a friend who lives in Helsinki. We had nice time, a cup of coffee and went fabric shopping... Here's what I got:

I just couldn't decide if I should take the pink or the blue one, so I got both. ;) My friend was also very supportive and told me I should get both. (That's what girlfriends are for... LOL!) I also bought some sheer fabric to make a petticoat for my two future 50's style sundresses.

I barely had the time to visit Minna Parikka's boutique in Helsinki before going back home, but I didn't have to leave empty-handed (or should I say barefooted?). ;) I got these beautiful dark grey Brigitte boots I've been drooling over for a while now. They were on sale (that's always a good reason, right?), my size and make my big (strong?) calves look oh so fine and slender! I was thinking of buying them from the web boutigue before, but hesitated... very few boots actually fit me because of my "strong" calves.

I just love those bow details on the side!