I'm sew inspired!

Vogue Patterns has a sale going on, so I dropped by to see if there was something worth ordering in the Vintage Vogue section. I only found two new dress patterns (that I don't already have) and was not that thrilled with those even though they were cute enough. I have plenty of quite similar vintage patterns lying in my drawer, so why waste my money?

While I was there I stumbled to Suits/Coordinates. Some of the things in that section are really something and have that certain vintage flare... I'm officially inspired!

This would have been so perfect for this winter... I would propably shorten the skirt a bit, because it's likely to be floor lenght for me. Shorty. ;)

This enseble is so very Mad Men, yet oh so fresh. And that red dress is totally swingable. I would love the swing coat and pencil skirt in plaid. Yes.

The 50's meet the 30's? Why yes, I think I have this thing with suits going on right now...

This dress and jacket combo has an air of spring and feels very 50's/60's to me.

I'd love to look good in a jacket like that! The problem is that with my bust and hips I'd just look huge in a beautiful boxy jacket... not even pencil skirt could save me from that.

And then there's my old favorite 8604, but I think I already have that... have to check. Those high waisted pants and pencil skirt are to die for! I Want To Sew!

I think I have quite similar vintage patterns in my stash, so I could just recreate these outfits with those. It'd be exiting too to see how close I can get with what I have. That could be a new project for me... to create modern outfits using vintage patterns from 30's to 60's. LOL

What's really boring is that I don't have any time to sew. I have to graduate very soon, so all of my time and energy is focused on my studies. I've even had to take time off from dancing to get things done and that's saying something. Dancing has been the single most important thing for me for years now. I just have to be sensible right now and finish my education. It's not like I have a lot left, but it's all the nasty, time consuming bits that I didn't want to touch before. Well, there is a time and place for everything... ;)


Computer problems

I'm currently experiencing some techinical difficulties. First my pretty pink laptop didn't want to play no tunes anymore... and naturally this happened only an hour before I was cheduled to dj in a party for three hours. :( Yep, that's just my luck! I've converted nearly every album I own on that computer so that I don't have to carry all my records with me all the time and it has over a year of music (if played non-stop), all organized in lists of dj-able and other songs. And it's not playing any.

I managed to dj that evening with a quickly gathered set of records and everyone seemed to have a good time dancing and fooling around. But I'm still soooo frustrated... all my pics of vintage expo finds and other things I've wanted to post about are there on that computer and there's no easy way to get anything out of it. Yes, I let the boys try to fix it... and now the situation is from bad to worse.

So, while I'll try to find a way to get my precious files out of that machine here's a piece of my family history...

That youngster on the left is my dad, visiting some relatives in Pori by the seaside. (That picture is from the early 60's.) On the right, wearing a swimsuit is his uncle, a very promising young gymnast who died during WWII. I guess that picture is from early 40's. He was also a musician, playing in different dance bands in the late 30's and early 40's. They have the same name (my dad was named after his late uncle) and there's also a strong family resemblance there. (Although I don't think dad was ever in That Good Shape...)

Speaking of my dad... there's also this picture I love from the 60's. He's looking so hip and cool in this picture (look at those tinted lenses)! And I love the colors of this photo! That girl sitting on his lap is my mom. Unfortunately she's just moved her head a bit and the picture of her is a bit unfocused. Very cute couple!