Red is the new black!

Yesterday I found my perfect black purse... only to find out it was red (and on sale!). Oh, they had it also in black, but that version was way too shiny somehow. I wonder why I don't mind that in the red version... Naturally I bought it, and I don't really mind the black purse being red because it's faux crocodile print and I've got the perfect vintage shoes to go with it!

I've had these shoes for ages and they are one of my favorites. It's quite sad that I've never had a purse to match them before... Actually I was thinking about that yesterday morning, just few hours before I found my new "black" purse...

I also found some black socks for fall, just what I've been looking for! The two pairs on the right are knee socks to wear with my 40's "sports" skirts. The pair on the left with lace ruffles and bows is "over knee" length, and probably my future favorite.

Last but not the least of my new findings are long gloves of soft leather, in dark brown this time. I already had a pair of black ones and I've been looking for brown ones for a while now... I'm planning for a brownish coat for fall/winter. Let's see if I actually get to make it.


Vintage glasses

I found a great place to spend your money (once again)! Retrospecs has an amazing collection of vintage/retro styled frames. I love these 50's cats eye glasses, but I can't decide which ones I like the best... Maybe the black ones with silvery accents, or those apple greens, or...

...I also know a special someone who would like to have these Buddy Holly styled frames. :)

I wanted to do a petticoat tutorial last weekend, but life got in the way somehow. More about that soon... And I will make that tutorial as well, soon.


I want these!

What can I say except big thanks to Nancy, from Waiter Waiter Percolator, for her last post! (You’ll be able to read it here.) It was because of that post that I found these shoes… And while I’ll have to wait for my fairy-godmother to appear to actually afford either one of these, I’m happy just watching them… Pretty shoes! Yay!

These and many more at John Fluevog’s. I just might have to visit their shop when I'm in San Fransisco...


Dancing all day and all night!

Last few weeks have been busy. I just noticed today that during the last two weeks I’ve had one single day without dancing (no training, no social dancing, and no performing). So I decided to take a day off today… Sweet!

But hey, dancing is such a great fun that I really can’t wait to go training again tomorrow. Just to prove that here’s a pic from last Saturday: just me, my partner and the Collegiate Shag.