I recently found this cute (unfinished) 40's day dress in Ebay. It's made out of really adorable feedsack fabric and is kinda my size, so I couldn't just pass it. Naturally it was also quite a bargain because (yeah, let's face it) it's also quite a mess and needs to be totally redone. But I'm up to that challenge.

It's weird. This dress is both more adorable and much worse in person than in pictures. The print is really neat: red, blue, wine and jadeite on white, but there's some age toning (it's far from the crisp white of the pictures). Side opening doesn't have any hooks or snaps, there are some spots and stains, the seams are all very uneven and there are some darts in really weird places... like the dress was really ill fitting and someone tried to compensate that by adding darts here and there. Let's just say that whoever started this project didn't really know much anything about sewing...

The seller thought that this could have been someone's sewing project in home economics class. Could well be... It remainds me of one of my best friends tossing her unfinished shirt around in the classroom when something went wrong Again. I loved sewing already then and would usually help my friends through the rough spots while doing more complicated designs or some extra projects to spend the time after I'd finished the required projects. Yep, I was a total nerd when it came to sewing. ;)

I already took the dress apart. When I'll have time I'll be re-sewing it back together in a bit more refined way than it was done before. (And removing those spots and stains.) Hopefully. ;)