Back from San Francisco!

I'm still alive. ;) I just went to San Francisco for about two weeks.
The main reason for my trip was the San Francisco Shag Jam, but since traveling there takes sooo long I decided to make it a little holiday too. I love shopping, so that was included. ;)

Here are my new shoes:

Perfect pair of sneakers with low vamp (I believe that's what the upper part of shoe is called in English.) from Payless. I've been looking for shoes like this for ages!

...And I finally got myself a pair of Fluevog's. They are so amazingly comfy!

I also bought a pair of black brocade silk mary janes from Chinatown. I really like that type of shoes. No picture at this point, but I guess most of you know what they look like... ;)


Things that I'd like to do and things that I had to do

A little story about one weekend in August. I was planning to do this earlier, but I found the perfect time for it just now... sitting home, resting and trying to get rid of bronchitis. I was sick as a dog for a week, but I'm getting better now. :)

I believe it was in August when I was hoping to make a new petticoat one weekend and to do a petticoat tutorial with pics as I go along... but no such luck (is there ever, really?).

First I noticed that it was the only weekend there was to finish renovating our second bedroom. And that needed to be done. Seriously. When we started fixing that room it was supposed to be quick and easy, so I wasn't worried about living without wardrobes for a short while. We changed the room layouts of our two bedrooms (next to each other) a bit, so we had to tear down the wardrobes from both of them. No problem, I'm able to survive two weeks without wardrobes...

I haven't counted, but I believe that those two weeks became more like three months. Not good. I wasn't able to find the clothes I would like to wear. Plus I don't like the giant piles of clothes, not to mention the clothes racks, all over my living room. And if I had my choice I would like to sleep in a bedroom, not in the living room. ;)

So we painted that last wall with "Stylish Petrol" (see that wall here), installed the laminate flooring (the style is called "Seagrass Spirit"), and assembled our new Ikea wardrobe with sliding doors. It was all done by Sunday 8 pm. Yay!

I couldn't get my clothes into the wardrobe and out of the living room at that point yet, though. I had to start making a hanging mobile I had promised to make for the following Monday, for a window display. (We were trying to advertise our dance club by having this display for two weeks in the centre on the city.) The mobile had both old dance pictures and new ones mixed and was supposed to draw attention as it gently rotated on the window.

I think the window display went together quite well. (Sorry about the bad quality of pictures.) It was done by four girls (including me) from our dance club. We wanted it to remind people about the age when swing dancing was born, but for some reason it had mostly 50’s flavour... What can I say, these things just happen sometimes. ;)