40's dress

So this is supposed to be a sewing blog, eh? Not too many posts about my projects so far...

I've been so unbelievable lazy photographing my finished projects that I should be ashamed. But hey, with my full time day job, teaching two nights a week, performing regularly (I'm dancing also in a musical this winter, it's fun... mostly.), and trying to get some training done too... and continuing to renovate the apartment... and sewing... and desperately trying to get some sleep at some point... (Did I mention I still have few courses on my schedule too?) Well, you get the picture. Time is a limited resource here.

But hey, it's always a good time to start, so here it goes!

This is a project I finished over a year ago, one Saturday between balboa classes and evening dance party. (I actually cut the fabric on the dance floor before I went home to freshen up.) It took me about two to three hours to put the dress together. There were no alterations made, except putting darts on the back instead of gathers. It's really a muslin, so I have to admit I didn't hem it (properly) by hand, but instead just used my sewing machine for speed. (Yes, I'm ashamed of that.) But it was essential to get it done quickly.

I wore it the same evening at the party and got lots of compliment. (Sadly, again, no pictures.)

The pattern is Simplicity 4975. I estimated it to be a mid 40's pattern. I made the version with short sleeves. Here's the pattern cover:

I haven't made another one yet, but because the shape is very flattering this pattern is definately going to get another round.

It fitted like a dream... a year ago. After that I've been loosing weight, so now I'll have to pass it on to someone who will appreciate it more and fill it better than I do. ;) Here are some more recent shots of the dress:

Maybe I'll try the long sleeved version for this fall...

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Ms. B said...

Such a gorgeous dress!!!