Back from San Francisco!

I'm still alive. ;) I just went to San Francisco for about two weeks.
The main reason for my trip was the San Francisco Shag Jam, but since traveling there takes sooo long I decided to make it a little holiday too. I love shopping, so that was included. ;)

Here are my new shoes:

Perfect pair of sneakers with low vamp (I believe that's what the upper part of shoe is called in English.) from Payless. I've been looking for shoes like this for ages!

...And I finally got myself a pair of Fluevog's. They are so amazingly comfy!

I also bought a pair of black brocade silk mary janes from Chinatown. I really like that type of shoes. No picture at this point, but I guess most of you know what they look like... ;)


Little Miss B said...

oh, my you have just introduced me to the Fluevog, I want at least 4 pairs! Thanks.

Una said...

They are hard to resist... ;) I was thrilled to visit their shop in Haight Ashbury and to actually get to try on different models to see how the fit is. They all were so unbelievable comfy! The only problem so far is that they don't make all their models in smaller sizes...

nancy said...

Oh, Una, I am so jealous of your Fluevogs! Those are one of my favorites pairs of theirs.

I'm also jealous of your trip to the Shag Jam! I'll bet it was fun!

Una said...

Oh, Nancy, I must thank you! Without you I wouldn't probably even know about Fluevogs... :)