Last week I had to go to Helsinki for two days. The trip was work-related and the days were long and exhausting. The bonus was that I got to stay one night in a nice hotel... :)

My room was small but comfortable and the breakfast was great. I love hotel breakfasts! The idea of so many different choices, fresh fruits, croissants... I love it. The best thing is that I can just walk in and it's all there, ready to enjoy.

Because I had a free night I arranged to meet a friend who lives in Helsinki. We had nice time, a cup of coffee and went fabric shopping... Here's what I got:

I just couldn't decide if I should take the pink or the blue one, so I got both. ;) My friend was also very supportive and told me I should get both. (That's what girlfriends are for... LOL!) I also bought some sheer fabric to make a petticoat for my two future 50's style sundresses.

I barely had the time to visit Minna Parikka's boutique in Helsinki before going back home, but I didn't have to leave empty-handed (or should I say barefooted?). ;) I got these beautiful dark grey Brigitte boots I've been drooling over for a while now. They were on sale (that's always a good reason, right?), my size and make my big (strong?) calves look oh so fine and slender! I was thinking of buying them from the web boutigue before, but hesitated... very few boots actually fit me because of my "strong" calves.

I just love those bow details on the side!



Nice room. In France all the little decoration were probably been stolen.

Una said...

Haha! I guess people would get a bill home afterwards if anything went missing... or in my case it would have gone to my employer. Shock and horror! (Good thing I left everything where it should be.) ;)

Ms. B said...

Love the fabric, has such a cute vintage feel to it and the boots are gorgeous!!