The Unwanted Dress

Two weeks ago I had to go through my things to find something to sell in a vintage/swing market we had during one dance event... I found some great things and made some flower clips to sell. The flowers were very popular, and I also sold some of my old clothes that I don't need anymore... but this dress came back home with me.

Yep, no one wanted to buy this even though many people told it looked beautiful and even tried it on... And the price was more than sensible too. It's very comfortable jersey dress, perfect for swing dancing, but there's a But... The bodice is short. Very short.

It's made combining two different patterns, both actually for children/teens. I originally made this for myself and made a little mistake during the process. Ok, it was a big mistake. I shortened the shoulder part without trying it on. Just because that's what I usually have to do to adjust a pattern for myself. I was in a hurry and not thinking. And then I had to add the satin ribbon there to keep it pulled under my bust.

So that's the shameful truth of a project gone wrong... It's even more shame because the fabric is so lovely. Maybe I could replace the upper front bodice with some other fabric and add some room for my bust? Maybe. Maybe not. I really hate mending and redoing my own projects.

I have only one final thing to say about this project: Despite what it looks like, I can sew. Really, I can. ;)


Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

For those of us that create things on a regular basis, we've all been in a position where we get in a hurry and make mistakes. Just part of the creative process. It's a very lovely dress and fabric though I have to say!!

Una said...

Thank you for your kind words, Ms. B. :) I guess it's like my granny always says: "If one does nothing at all one never makes mistakes eiher." ;)

Kristen said...

Can I ask what size that gorgeous dress is? I have long legs, but a short and (unfortunately) flat torso/chest... Feel free to send me an email if you're still interested in selling it, as long as you can also tell me what color shoes you wear with a gorgeous dress like that - I'm horrible at matching stuff so I always wear black, brown and grey. :)


Kristen said...

Sorry, I didn't proofread and said gorgeous twice. Please substitute "lovely," or some other appropriate adjective for the second "gorgeous." :)

Una said...

Kristen, if you want the dress you can have it, for free. ;) I really would just like to find someone who could actually wear it because it's a pretty one. It looks like the dress is best suited for bust 32" or preferably even smaller. Let me warn you that the bodice is really short... I'll contact you by email for details.