Foxy lady

Today I took a little tour to two of my favourite local thrift stores. I had a good feeling about this day and was sure I'd find something really nice. The day turned out to be better than good!

I found three really classy black felt fedoras (one for me, one for the man and one for a friend of mine who's been looking for one for ages) and then this amazing fox stole... When I laid my eyes on it I had to jump up and down. I could not believe my luck. The condition is great and it was sooo cheap! I wonder why it actually was still there. Maybe people think it's just too creepy to carry things like this around their neck... My happy face tells you how I feel. I guess we were just meant to be. ;)

I personally wouldn't buy new furs for several reasons, but I have nothing against vintage furs. If it's something that existed before I was born, it can wear it.

For me a fox stole is something very essential for a classy lady. I still remember the first time I wrapped my godmothers vintage (late 40's) fox stole on my shoulders (I must have been five at the time). It made me feel almost like a royal. I really hope she still has it... For that 30's/40's look a fox stole is a "must have" and now I finally have my own.



I love fox stoles !!!

You look amazing.

Una said...

Thank you Big Mama! I really like your style!