Fabric finds... and dreaming about Josef Frank designs

My last trip to my favourite local thrift stores was very fruitful in many ways, not only the fox stole and those fedoras... I also found fabrics! Two vintage bedsheets, amazing colors, cotton satin, very nice indeed! Each of them has at least five yards of facric and the condition is amazing. The colors are very soft (being so bright) and the printing quality, the width of the fabric and the way these are sewed (yarn, buttons, etc.) suggest that these are pre 60's. I would date these in the 40's or earlier, but I really don't care about the exact date because I'm totally in love with the soft rich colors and the exotic design.

Those remind me about Josef Frank's (Swedish, 1885-1967) work. I adore his designs. They simply are beautiful... and the reproduction like the next one (named Aralia) are a bit pricey too.

In the movie Mamma Mia! the hotel manager (played by Meryl Streep) has more of his prints than I could afford, which is kinda funny since in that movie she is supposed to be very poor... and living in Greece. Maybe it was ordering all those amazingly expensive bedheets from Sweden that made her poor? But hey, who am I to judge! The most important thing is that Josef Frank's designs make a srong visual effect in that movie.

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