Noooo! Anything but this! Please?

Been quiet for a while... Very busy, quite tired, you know how it goes.

Actually my absence from the wonderful world of blogs started because first I got really sick and stayed that way for a very long time, that's pneumonia for you. I was so sick I couldn't even read a magazine because it was too heavy. I don't even have a television, so there was nothing to do, except to feel miserable. After I got a bit better I ended up so busy with all the stuff I couldn't do while I was sick... Yeah, no time for anything I really love to do. If that does not make one feel exhausted then what does? Now, after my first true vacation in two years I feel like a new woman. So why not to share some of my strange thoughts...

Every since I bought this fabric in October 2009 from Urban Burb (while in San Francisco) I've had a strange craving for orange shoes... It must be those clovns.

See?! If that's not adorable then what is?

Actually I'm quite obsessed with the idea of orange shoes. I've been looking for a perfect pair for months now... John Fluevog had the models Fiorenza and Renata in orange. Renatas were my top pick in January while they were on sale, but sadly they only had sizes from 7 to bigger left...

Re-Mix Vintage Shoes had these lovely flats. I love the details! Still, somehow I never got into ordering a pair because their ordering system seems so complicated that I get frustrated even before I start to order anything.

...And there also used to be this design from Minna Parikka.

None of these seemed quite right somehow...

Now I know why:

These Fluevog Malibranis are my perfect orange shoes. I totally lust for these... Unfortunately the smallest size left (in Blood Orange) was 6 and what I've heard is that I should actually go down half size to get good fit. This means I should get them in 5, which is not possible.

I even tried to order these in size 6 once (in November 2010), but they didn't have that size at that moment. But then... (and now the bad news) I just found out they discontinued the orange version! Why?!?!?! What did I to deserve this?!?!?! What point is there to go on without the possibility to have these shoes? John Fluevog, you simply cannot do this to me.


Miss Emmi said...

Oh, I absolutely agree with you about Remix's ordering system! Buying from them seems just too hard!

All the shoes you showed were lovely, I hope you are able to get your hands on the perfect orange pair soon. I am also feeling the orange love, I bought an orange blush and lipstick recently (they are way less scary on than they sound!)

Nancy said...

Glad you are feeling better! I've been away from the blogosphere too, but not because I was ill. Welcome back.

I agree, every time I look at the Remix website, I think I should offer to redesign it for them. It's terrible!

And the Malabrinis and the Fiorenzas are my favorites! Beautiful shoes!