The charm of day dresses

Day dresses fascinate me. I can't seem to pass 40's or 50's vintage day dress pattern in, or close to, my size. They are practical, and yet beautiful. That is a combination that is just too rare today. I quite like the idea "form follows function", considering that functionality can also be wrapped in beauty. It's not illegal to make something beautiful. In my opinion that is one of the things that makes design classics. I got this one just recently from LanetzLiving. I just love the simplicity of the whole thing. I hope I'll have time to sew this one soon.

But the idea of day dresses! It means that you also have dresses for afternoon and evening, dresses for all occasions. Afternoon ones to be pretty when your Mr. comes home from work, day dresses for managing all the daily matters. I wonder how many women today would find that idea actually insulting... that they should try to look nice just for their husbands (and the optional kids)? It's not that popular in these days. ;) People only dress up when they are going out. I guess it was a different world. That kind of world where it was not necessary for two people in one family to work just to manage the daily living and pay off the mortgage...

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