Creative fabric shopping

Fabrics are not that cheap, right? And it's soooo hard to find nice vintage styled things around, if internet is excluded. And it is for the moment because if the fabrics are cheap, the shipping costs are not. So what can a girl do? Yes, the answer is once again thrift store. They have masses of old sheets and curtains and sometimes even fabrics. I came up with this not-so-original idea yesterday and found four lovely prints. This one in the picture is one of those: 31" wide, more than 4 yards in two pieces, 100% sheer cotton. Old curtains. ;)

And it was much cheaper than buying a fabric. I love it! The fabric is soft, but very firm. Just perfect. I'm thinking about transforming it into 50's styled sundress... The print is quite 50's to me. We'll see what happens. :)

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