No time to play

For the past one and half months I’ve been working like crazy to finally finish my studies. I have to graduate in July if I want to avoid loads of extra work (and actually graduate at some point), so I’ve made it clear to myself and people close to me that I won’t be doing much anything besides studying for a while. I have to work full time too and sleep sometimes and there’s only 24 hours in a day. I need to focus and finishin my M.Sc. degree is my number one priority right now.

Yes, it’s totally my own fault that I haven’t started (to continue) the process before. I’ve had plenty of time. It’s just that after I finished my thesis I was so exhausted and wanted a time out. So I took a little breather and after a while I was offered a job and one thing kind of led to another… and now that I woke up again and smelled the coffee I’m in a bit of a hurry to get the last few bits done.

I’ve done about half of the remaining things so far. When I started I had five exams and eight papers to go, now I’m down to three exams and three papers. That’s called progress, woohoo! ;) After this week I’ll be left with those three exams and only one paper, so it’s going to be a bit easier for me in the future. I’m actually quite proud of myself – will be prouder if I manage to get everything done before the end of May that’s the actual deadline. ;)

Vintage student Barbie... ;)

I’ve really enjoyed my studies in the Technical University. I love the place, I love how it smells (each building has a different scent and even diffent parts of the buildings are recognisable just by the way they smell - yeah, I'm weird...) and I love the way it has it’s own weird life inside the campus area. The unexpected things one can run into in the campus area after dark... that's something that cannot easily be described. All those more and less private student parties and student clubs that come alive after the formal business is through for the day... The university is always alive, every minute of the day and night. I just love it. :)


nancy said...

Una - glad you are enjoying your studies and good luck!

Una said...

Thank you Nancy! :) I really need that good luck with my future exams... ;)

Miss Emmi said...

I love university campuses - I'll be sad when I have to grow up/leave. Hope your studies go well!

(Student Barbie's outfit is super-cute, I suddenly feel the need for a pink pencil skirt in my life...)


Yes they are different smell in each university building that's depend of the 60's, the 70's or the 80's linoleum. Probably, thay used each time a different glue ???

I cross my fingers for you exams. Good luck !


Kitten said...

Oh, not much left now, you can do it! :)

I replied to your comment on my blog btw.

Una said...

Thank you ladies! It's hard work, but I'm getting closer my goal everyday... :)