Vintage Expo finds

About a month ago I went to Helsinki Vintage Expo with my friends. We had so much fun! I also spent loads of money, but I couldn't help it... they had deadstock shoes in size 2 1/2!!! See what I mean...

And also deadstock winter boots in that same size Very Small...

This pair was used but sooo gorgeous! Black suede.

And to top everythingI found deadstock galoshes to protect my new shoes!

I know you can't blame me... ;) When I find shoes that fit like a glove I just have to buy them.

I also found some cute vintage frames (also deadstock). Please do not mind my messy hair and tired expression here... it was Very Late when I got home. Happy but tired. (My curls were by that time nothing but a distant memory...)

I love that yellow top I was wearing... I wish I had a better picture of it. It was made by my granmother who is a total wizard when it comes to knitting. So 40's, so chic. I wish I can find the instructions someday again to make another one.

Little something for the Mr. too! These fab deadstock all leather shoes...

Frames for sunglasses. (Yes, they're deadstock.)

Vintage tie... used. ;)

See, I don't shop just for myself... ;) Just cant wait until the Tampere Vintage Expo!


Andi B. Goode said...

Great finds! I've never found vintage shoes that fit me before.
-Andi x

Toft said...

wauw that's some fabulous shoes you've found there, and galoshes too, that's just amazing! I hope you use them ;)

Una said...

Thank you both! I sure am going to use both my shoes and my galoshes. I've had a pair of galoshes before and I love to protect my shoes with them. About half or more of my shoes are vintage and they have leather soles that do not go well with rain... and there's nothing I hate more than ruining vintage shoes. Except maybe ruining vintage clothes. ;)