Been busy lately...

Insanely busy would be the correct expression. I've been busy at work, studying and (very little) dancing. I promised not to spend my time in internet while I had these other, more pressing things to do. Like study maths. For a week and a half now I've been just trying to get rid of all the excess stress and trying to tell myself that I'm still a good person even if I'm not perfect every time.

I managed to fail one math test and now I wont be able to graduate earlier than in August or September. Well, these things happen and it's not the end on the world, but I'm still disappointed. It would have been so much easier to get everything done before the end of June. The annoying thing is that I bet I could easily pass that exam now after I've had some more practice doing maths and I'm not suffering from bronchitis and fever anymore. But it's my fault really... I should've just started the process earlier. There's no way denying that, really. ;)

While I was gone I didn't just study... After that terrible math test I had this great candy apple flavoured milkshake in American Diner and went to movies to see Iron Man 2.

Before that I did also go to Tampere Vintage expo. It was fun, but I didn't buy anything this time. I was mostly busy performing, or trying to find something to eat, and mainly trying not to die because of that bronchitis. ;) I was in such a lousy shape that it's hard to imagine. I didn't really hear anything and was afraid that I'll just start coughing my lungs out any second. Dancing in that shape is really hard, and getting interviewed in front of people in that condition is just plain torture (but no-one else wanted to do that)... I'm just glad I survived. :) Still, I'm really happy to say our troupe got asked to perform again in next Helsinki Vintage. I also loved my hairdo that day. I had an accidental fake bob that turned out really nice. Sadly, no pictures - again...

Me fooling around on the beach near Agay.

And I visited Mediterranean France... Nice and St Tropez! I really love Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon areas. In a perfect world I would be living somewhere there. The climate is perfect! I can't wait to go back. It's been four years since I last went to France and that's too long for me to handle. ;) I'm hoping to go to Beziers next, or maybe to Montpellier... I'm not into Paris or the northern parts that much, but I love the Mediterranean!



Hey, if you pass to Montpellier you are welcome in my flat !!! i've got a little room for guest !Truly !!! So tell me when you came !!!!! i will try my best to managed my time even if i work all the summer.

I made the promise to don't fight perverts at the beach !!

Olivia =)

Una said...

Wow, thanks Olivia! That's very generous of you! So far another trip to France is just a dream, but if it comes real and I get to Montpellier, I'll sure let you know!

And I don't mind fighting perverts, I've done my share of that too. ;)


Just a little question : Do men acting like that only in South of France or it's the same in your country ?

Una said...

Hmm... I'd say mostly Finnish guys behave quite well, but there's always the occasional (drunken) idiot who thinks it's ok to try some weird stuff... But I've had to straighten up also Swedish, British and French guys who don't know how to behave, so I guess these people are everywhere. :/