Home renovating and decorating - a never-ending process

Last weekend I finally got to spend Sunday putting up wallpaper. Yay!

I'm so exited. I've been waiting for this ever since I picked out the wallpaper almost two years ago. It's a vintage travel ad themed design from Wallquest/Fairwinds Studio.

Yes, I know it's super kitchy. (Isn't it great!!!?) No doubt about that. Yes, honestly I believe that no-one will ever want to buy our appartment because of that wallpaper. (But I love it!! Love it!) My co-worker actually said she'd have nightmares if she had to sleep in the same room with that wallpaper, but that she understands why I like it, whatever that means... ;)

I'll have to post actual pictures of the appartment after I get things (back) in place.

By the way, Wallquest also has other beatiful designs, like this Moulin Rouge themed wallpaper I originally fell in love with. Unfortunately I don't know where I would put it. Can't have everything... ;)

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You won the giveaway! Come and claim your prize...xxxx