France Mediterranean

Just a short pictorial summary of my holiday in southern France... This was in mid May when they'd just had this unbelieveable storm with huge waves and hail and snow. At the same time the volcano in Iceland was still erupting and just one day before we left most of the flights were cancelled because of the ash clouds. For the last week before our flight me and my friends were worried to sick if we are going to get there or not... I didn't mind the idea of staying a bit longer, but first you need to get there. ;)

Nice by day.


The Grand Casino and Café de Paris.

Jardin Japonais de Monaco.

Koi fish pond.

Nice by night.

This place had a hidden little beach and great big red rocks that reminded the Ayers Rock in Australia.

My toes on the beach, enjoying life.

This guy didn't read the sign "Shallow water - Don't park your boat here"...

The last picture says more than a thousand words. I don't know how long that boat has been there, because I've seen similar sights before in the same area. Maybe it's just a strange custom of rich people who can't really sail? ;)



The place with red rock : It's Agay in the back ?

Fish Ponds said...

I just love the beaches, i just love Paris, i wish to be there with you, thanks for sharing these beautiful memories with us.

Nancy said...

Oooh, love these pictures! This makes me want to go to France even MORE!

Una said...

It was a nice little trip with a perfect timing. Little time away from everything. ;)

Olivia, I think that behind those red rocks it is Agay. If I remember right the centre was in the other side of the next bay after that peninsula with those houses. Definately very close to Agay atleast. ;)

Nancy, you should really make that trip... You'd love it! :)